The Annual Atlanta Kosher BBQ Competition returns to Brook Run on September 25, 2016 for our 4th year,

Presented by the Hebrew Order of David International.

Who is H.O.D.


Atlanta Kosher BBQ Committee Charter:

Identify and perform the tasks required to coordinate, stage and enjoy the third annual Atlanta Kosher BBQ Competition. Foster brotherhood amongst the competitors. Cook great BBQ. Provide an inviting festival showcasing kosher food and family friendly activities. Raise funds for Jewish charitable organizations and causes.

Our Mission

It truly is simple:

Create a Jewish community festival centered around the kosher BBQ competition.


  • Raise the level of visibility of HOD
  • Raise funds for select Jewish causes
  • Showcase Kosher Atlanta
  • Provide a fun venue for friendly competition within the Kosher BBQ community

Who is H.O.D. ?

The Hebrew Order of David International

(H.O.D.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Mission: a forum for an ever-growing number of Jewish adult males, operating as a cohesive fraternal unit supporting its members, and serving the community, applying Jewish ideals and values while providing its member the opportunity for personal development. The Hebrew Order of David International raises fund and distributes aid in the pursuit of relieving suffering wherever possible.

What type of Q’r are you?

BBQ Teams

New! Online Team Application & Payment

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Hardcore BBQ Fans

We know who you are

Learn about our September 25th event and check out the photos and team scores from last year.


How much of an impact can you make?

Are you looking for a 5,000 person fan base?
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Sponsorship Oportunities

In Kind Donations, Barter, Cash

In-Kind Donations: Meat, Drinks, Storage Truck, Refrigerated Truck, Advertising, Charcoal, Boxes/Crates Costco/Sam’s Gift Cards
Barter: Tents, Advertising, Labor, Cleaning Crew, Trash Removal
Cash: Cash, Pledges


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Brook Run Park

Expansive, 100-plus acre wooded park.
4770 N Peachtree Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338