The Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival is run by the Hebrew Order of David International. We are a charitable Jewish men’s organization dedicated to brotherhood, community service and raising funds for charitable organizations.

The Atlanta Jewish community has embraced southern BBQ and put our own spin on it. Our Festival includes approximately 25 BBQ teams competing in the categories of Beef Brisket, Beef Ribs, Chicken and Chili. Our teams double blind entries are judged by KCBS Certified judges and must meet their criteria for each entry.

To keep it strictly Kosher we employ Rabbi’s from the Atlanta Kashrut Commission to ensure all of our meat, spices and equipment are up to their standards of Kashruth. We provide each team with two Weber Kettles, charcoal, spices, all of the meat and all cooking utensils. The teams pay their entry fee, bring their recipes and skills and start cooking. This is as close to a level playing field as you can get. It’s not Iron Chef or Chopped but the excitement and competition is as intense.

The Festival draws about 4500 members of the greater Atlanta community every year. You do not have to be Jewish to love Kosher BBQ or even to field a team. We showcase local Kosher Caterers, community organizations, First Responders and artisans. We have a huge Kids Zone and live music throughout the day.

Our primary motto is “Bringing the Community Together”. Our secondary motto is:

“We do not care what flavor you are, as long as you share our love of BBQ”.