5th Annual Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival Sponsorship

The Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival was created based on the warm Southern hospitality our BBQ Team (Brian Mailman, Matt Dickson, and Keith Marks- 3 Dad’s) experienced while attending Birmingham’s Kosher BBQ event in 2011. While staying up all night with 30 other teams from NY to FL, grilling for nearly 11 hours to create mouthwatering food, they began drawing out the plans to figure out how to replicate this same competition and community festival and felt it was our duty to bring that same experience to Atlanta.

Teams and Spectators are among the thousands of people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds at this exciting Atlanta Community-wide event.  Although this is a serious competition for both BBQ enthusiasts and casual backyard grillers; it’s also about having fun trying your hand at producing food that will be judged by Kansas City Style Double Blind Judging Methods.

The Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival will feature the best cuts of brisket, ribs and chicken all prepared differently attracting both Kosher & non-Kosher BBQ fans. Keep in mind, whether you become a Presenting/ Title or other Sponsor we will expect you to throw on an apron and roll back your sleeves to add to the excitement and tastes of this incredibly fun-filled day of fair competition and entertainment.

The Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival is open to the entire community and features the festival’s famous BBQ competition, food eating competitions, live music entertainment, and much more. Your organization can play a special part in the action.

Your sponsorship and /or donation is completely tax deductible.

5th Annual Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival

This event offers unique opportunities to link your organization to Atlanta’s premier Kosher BBQ event of the year!  Have your name seen by thousands of members of the Atlanta community enjoying a fun filled day of tasty BBQ, cold drinks, live music and more!

As a sponsor, your organization’s name/logo will be included in all advertising related to this event, including the festival’s website, social media sites, flyer, print advertising and press releases.

In addition, your organization will be featured on the official competition t-shirts and event signage.  There are also opportunities to set up your own information booth where you can directly engage your audience.

Who benefits from my sponsorship contribution?

I Care Atlanta,  Weinstein Hospice, JScreen, Gift of Life as well as Cobb County Police K-9 Unit.

Title Sponsor $10,000

Help call out prizes for drawings, Interviewed for Video

Same privileges as Presenting Sponsor PLUS,

  • Your name prominently displayed as part of official event logo and banner
  • Maximum publicity before, during and after event
  • Premier placement of your name in all publicity materials and on official event web site
  • Speaking opportunity at the event during the awards ceremony
  • Includes space for you own BBQ Team(s) in competition, up to 3 may be sponsored
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Presenting Sponsor $5000

Interviewed for Video

Same privileges as $3,600 Sponsorship PLUS

  • Use of Atlanta Kosher BBQ Competition logo  for your advertising materials for one year,  identifying you as a Presenting Sponsor
  • Prominent promotional event signage and inclusion of your company in all media events and  advertisements
  • Vendor booth with opportunity to showcase your product or service Thank you advertisement in Atlanta Jewish Times newspaper after the event
  • Logo ad link on homepage of event website
  • Includes space for you own BBQ Team in competition
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Vendor Sponsor $3600

Entertainment Stage
Lunch Café
Kids Zone

Same privileges as $2,500 Sponsorship PLUS

  • Logo ad link on event website
  • Showcase your product or service
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Choice Sponsor $2500

People’s Choice Award
Official Sports Doctor
Judging Tent Sponsor

Same privileges as $1,800 Sponsorship PLUS

  • Large banner over appropriate area
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Official Sponsor $1800

Food Contest
Official “Your
Product Category”

(e.g. Official Soft Drink, Hotel, Account, etc.) Name your own product category

Same privileges as $1,000 Sponsorship PLUS

  • “Large Name Banner” at contest area
  • Opportunity to put your promotional material in hospitality bags for teams and judges
  • Use of event logo for one year
  • Name or logo on event t-shirt
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BBQ Maven $1000

Same privileges as $500 Sponsorship PLUS

  • Opportunity to put your promotional material in hospitality bags for teams and judges
  • Name or logo on t-shirt & Use of event logo for 1 year
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BBQ Enthusiast $500

Same privileges as Program Sponsor PLUS

  • Signage at the event
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Program Sponsor $200

Same privileges as Program Sponsor PLUS

  • Name included on T-shirt
  • Name included in the Event Program
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